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Your first photoshooting - how to look as perfect as it is possible

How to prepare for a photoshoot so that the photos look their best?

It often happens that young girls in the pursuit of nice photos make a rapid agreement for first photoshoot and then come totally unprepared. This has a fatal effect on the resulting photographs. So I decided to write up a few helpful hints for future models - how to prepare for a photoshoot so that the photos look their best.

Care for body


I recommend you to change your lifestyle minimally week before taking photo. Your skin will look better. It is very necessary to drink much water – herbal tea and clear water are the best drinks. You should not drink any sugar drinks and blebs. Your skin will be stretched and cleared.

I also recommend you to eat only food containing many fresh fruits and vegetables. You should not eat sweetness and high-seasoned food. Avoid smoky and airless rooms. Treat yourself with move in the fresh environment, with sauna and massage.


Many girls want to look brown in the images. Anyway, you should know that swarthy skin will show your wrinkles that’s why you will look older. If you want to look brown in the images in spite of this fact then I recommend you to sunbathe without jewels, necklace around your throat, etc, you should sunbathe without swimsuit – this is the best solution.

Be careful not to have any burns. Burns will treat too long and it is very difficult to remove it from images. I also recommend you strongly to avoid the solarium minimally one week before photography. The solarium caused red blotches on your body. Blotches are very conspicuous in the images, although it is not possible to see it by visible eye commonly.

Come to photo meeting without make-up. Cleanse your skin only with cream of high-quality. Thy stylist will provide everything. Don’t make a depilation and don’t pluck your eyebrow with tweezers shortly before photography not to have your skin irritated. If you want to make a depilation or pluck your eyebrow with tweezers in spite of this fact then do it two days before photo meeting. If you broke out in rashes then do not be afraid. Today, small cosmetic blemishes can be eliminated digitally.


I recommend you to have a rest before taking photo. You will have enough energy and your skin will look better. This is very important. Otherwise, your eyes can be red, swollen or you can have dark shadows under your eyes for lack of sleep. They also can be very hypersensitive to lighting or flashes. If your eyes are dry and blinking very often then you can bring your eye drops.


Wash your hair one day before photography. The hair washed shortly before photo meeting (hair contains styling preparations) are not convenient for using of curling iron. It is difficult for stylist to prepare a hairstyle.


Do not forget for nails preparation. Your hands will be visible in the most of images. Your nails do not have to be long, varnished or gel nails (however gel nails looks the best in the image). But your nails must be prepared and cleared. The French manicure is the most convenient.

What should you bring to photo meeting?

I recommend you to bring many clothes, especially eccentric clothes which you usually do not wear. The clothes should suit you, it is very important. Don’t forget for accessories (for example earrings, necklace, belts, glasses, scarves, handbags, etc...), more couples of shoes (high-heeled shoes, high and eccentric leg boot, sandals, etc...). If you want you can also bring wigs.

The clothes depend on photography style. Three or four sets are usually photographed. It consists of social clothes like dress, sport clothes, underclothes and clothes in which you feel very well.

I recommend you to bring dressing gown and slippers. The close-fitting clothes, especially underclothes can leave imprints on your body and it is visible in the photo. That’s why you should dress no underclothes or only free shoulder during photo meeting. Take great care of socks, rings, bracelets and glasses. I also recommend you to bring your own CD with your favourite music.

Movement preparation for photography

Look over fashion magazines and servers. Pay attention to clothes and posture of models. Consider all sides of mentioned possibilities: what would suit you, what do you like and train it before mirror. Think that you will have to stay in certain positions or expressions for several moments and you will have to look relaxedly. It is very important if you want to look beautiful in the image. Try to have upright back, to hide your belly and stick out your chest. Train to stay in this posture for several seconds.

The expression is also very important. That’s why you should put all your effort to image. Don’t be afraid to show off, try to act yourself into someone role, exaggerate and show your acting faculty.

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