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New ebook for photographers:

How to Start Making Money with Microstock Photography

This simple and a step-by-step guide will show you how to make money selling your photos online...and become a better photographer!

Do you love photography?

Do you take photos of your pets, fruits and flowers from garden, skies, beautiful places from holidays or many other?

Would you like to make money from it?

You need not be a professional photographer or have the most expensive equipment...

So how to start?

It's easy!

You do not have to worry about marketing, advertising and meetings with clients. Snap away what you do best and leave the rest to Micro Stock agencies!

This e-book will show you how to start when you’re working with a limited budget. It will also introduce basic principles and rules of the way these agencies work.​
Now more than ever, time is money. This e-book will save you time. No beating around the bush, just a lot of tips and examples based on my years of experience as a microstock photographer.
I wish I had this ebook when I was starting with microstock...
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