About me

  If I was born in the Stone Age, I wouldn't spend my time hunting, but drawing with a piece of coal on the walls of a cave. Luckily for my parents the paper was invented, so I left the walls in the house alone. My pleasure of drawing has in time widened into other areas of visual art.

  I've spent almost ten years painting, doing computer design, and developing computer games. I've worked as a game designer, 2d graphic designer and illustrator in Slovakia and Czech Republic. At the same time I was drawn into the world hidden inside the camera. I discovered its magic and possibility to create my own characters and worlds. Finally I've decided in favour of more creative freedom and started doing photography on a professional level.

  Since 2005 I have been doing photography for my own enjoyment and for others' pleasure. The painting of light is completed with bodypainting and I improve myself in the magic of graphic programs. I'm inspired by the work of Hans Ruedi Giger, Frank Frazzeta or Luis Royo. Photography is fun for me, and I take it deadly serious :-)


                                                                                                                                                       Marián Pentek

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