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 About me

  If I was born in the Stone Age, I wouldn't spend my time hunting, but drawing with a piece of coal on the walls of a cave. Luckily for my parents the paper was invented, so I left the walls in the house alone. My pleasure of drawing has in time widened into other areas of visual art.

tworba3_God's Whip
Spiderring 1600
SbtD 1600

  I've spent almost ten years painting, doing computer design, and developing computer games. I've worked as a game designer, 2d graphic designer and illustrator in Slovakia and Czech Republic. At the same time I was drawn into the world hidden inside the camera. I discovered its magic and possibility to create my own characters and worlds. Finally I've decided in favour of more creative freedom and started doing photography on a professional level.

  Since 2005 I have been doing photography for my own enjoyment and for others' pleasure. The painting of light is completed with bodypainting and I improve myself in the magic of graphic programs. I'm inspired by the work of Hans Ruedi Giger, Frank Frazzeta or Luis Royo. Photography is fun for me, and I take it deadly serious :-)


                                                                                                                                                       Marián Pentek

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